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Smart Picking Robots

Improve your warehouse picking efficiency by over 200% with our innovative ‘Goods-to-Person’ picking solutions.

Smart Moving Robots

Improve your warehouse moving efficiency by over 50% with our moving robots inbuilt with QR code navigation and laser SLAM technology.

Smart Sorting Robots

Improve your warehouse sorting efficiency to nearly 10x that of traditional sorting methods with our highly automated and versatile sorting robots.

Smart Forklift Robots

Improve your warehouse storage retrieval operations and save up to 50%-80% on labor costs with our forklift robots designed for 360 degrees obstacle avoidance and excellent operational safety.

A complete software platform for management of sensor networks: it identifies, tracks, controls and guarantees the fidelity of the information. Visibility Manager hunter™ IoT More More A DRONE with an embedded data collection system, flies over your stock, inside a warehouse, and counts all products. In a simple, fast and efficient way. No waste of time and more accuracy. A Revolutionary Product 3D-Inventory More Detailed control of the distribution center processes offers the manager a powerful tool to reduce costs, eliminate waste, scale resources analytically and, finally, deliver more profits to shareholders. Warehouse Magic Cube hunter™ WMC

GTP Automation

Two decades of pioneering and expertise in identification, tracking, automation and monitoring technologies for logistics 4.0

Digital Transformation
in Logistics

GTP Automation develops and implements cutting-edge solutions in logistics 4.0

  • Warehouse Automation with Intelligent Robots
  • IoT Service Provider
  • Complete Logistics Automation Platform
  • Inventory with Smart Drones

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We offer solutions that cover the entire logistics chain, adding new technologies, products and services that achieve a high degree of excellence, reduce costs and increase the productivity of companies.


Assistance, monitoring and integration.

Equipment, devices and software.

Management, processes and strategy.


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